Child Sponsorships

Child Sponsorships

Make a lasting impact by sponsoring a child

By sponsoring a child, you provide life-changing food, clothes, school supplies, medicine and educational opportunities for children in developing countries. Your gift will help transform a child's future!  We have opportunities to sponsor children in Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Romania and Uganda. For $35 a month, your gift will make a lasting change in a child's life and be a blessing to a family.

Days Waiting: 51

Jostyn Andrey M.

Days Waiting: 100

Julia Rebeca M.

Days Waiting: 216

Karen Fracheli G.

Days Waiting: 100

Keyla Camila M.

Days Waiting: 58

Kristel Shariano U.

Days Waiting: 222

Leyker David D.

Days Waiting: 102

Lia S.

Days Waiting: 537

Losuanny Yulianna B.

Days Waiting: 213

Luca L.

Days Waiting: 58

Luisa Fernanda O.

Days Waiting: 58

Luis Antonio M.

Days Waiting: 17

Luis Fernando R.