Child Sponsorships

Child Sponsorships

Make a lasting impact by sponsoring a child

By sponsoring a child, you provide life-changing food, clothes, school supplies, medicine and educational opportunities for children in developing countries. Your gift will help transform a child's future!  We have opportunities to sponsor children in Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Romania and Uganda. For $35 a month, your gift will make a lasting change in a child's life and be a blessing to a family.

Karen Joy I.

Kevin Alexander S.

Kimberlin Glorimel F.

Lia Chanel P.

Ligia Esperanza L.

Losuanny Yulianna B.

Luca Catalin B.

Luisa Fernanda G.

Luis Otaniel S.

Luz Edith Mora G.

Magdiel Javier V.

Maria Josefina P.