"Good Treatment" Family Event

Place Colombia

One More Child global provided funding for our church partners to offer a special program to the children and families in our care in Colombia. The program was called “Good Treatment” and engaged the families in several fun activities to promote healthy relationships within families and with other families, as well as promoting good relationships with community helpers like police officers. The police officers provided security and also shared information about the protection of the environment and the prevention of abuse in children and women. 71 families (260 individuals) engaged in lessons, games and activities to encourage them to love and respect one another. Every family member even received a t-shirt as a reminder that “Good treatment starts with me!” More than 30 church members were involved in making the t-shirts, preparing the food, and coordinating the activities. The families (and even the police officers) had the opportunity to hear the Gospel and were invited to church. We are so thankful for our One More Child donors who make this ministry possible and for our phenomenal ministry partners who shine the love of Jesus to the children and families in their care in such special ways!