Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a child to sponsor?

Please take a look at the children available for sponsorship on our website by clicking SPONSORSHIPS above. If you would like assistance in choosing a child, our sponsorship coordinator would be glad to match you with a child in a certain country. Please contact us via email or phone at 863-577-4488.

How much of my monthly gift goes to my sponsored child?

100% of your monthly gift goes toward the care of your child. Your sponsorship provides food, clothing, medical care, educational opportunities and more. You can rest assured knowing that your generosity is utilized completely for your child’s well-being.

How long is my commitment?

We hope for our sponsors to continue supporting their sponsored child until they graduate from the sponsorship program. Many children will stay in the program until their 18th birthday. Some children may remain in the program past their 18th birthday, if they are continuing their education or otherwise meeting their goals and in these special circumstances we will invite you as their sponsor to continue supporting them if you so choose.

What does my sponsorship provide?

The One More Child Sponsorship Program provides for the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of the children. The way in which these needs are met varies from country to country to best meet the needs of the communities and children with which we work. In all countries, your sponsorship provides food for the sponsored child. In some countries, it may also provide clothing, medical care or educational opportunities. Most importantly, all of our programs in each country allow opportunities to learn about Jesus Christ.

How can I do more to help?

There are many ways you can expand your sponsorship impact. By giving an additional financial gift, your child’s community will be further developed and invested in by One More Child. Additionally, you can choose to go on a mission trip with One More Child and personally work where your child lives.

What are your privacy policies regarding sponsored children? Is it OK and/or safe for me to post on social media about my child?

We appreciate your willingness to help promote One More Child sponsorship! To ensure the child’s protection, we ask that you refrain from posting your child’s last name, exact location or ID number. Additionally, all photos must show children that are fully clothed and be in the child’s best interest. We respect the children and their families and work diligently to protect both their privacy and safety.

Who can I contact for more information?

Our sponsorship coordinator would be happy to answer any questions you may still have about the sponsorship program. Please send an email or call our office at 863-577-4488.

Can I write/message my sponsored child?

Yes! Your sponsored child will love hearing from you. Once each year you will receive a template in the mail that allows you to write to your sponsored child.

If you would like to write to your child more often, you may send letters to our office:

One More Child
Child Sponsorship
P.O. Box 8190
Lakeland, FL 33802

Your letters will be sent into your sponsored child’s country with one of our mission teams or staff, translated and given to your child by our in-country partners. We appreciate your patience as this process may take several months.

What should I communicate to my sponsored child? What shouldn't I communicate?

Your sponsored child will want to know all about you! Feel free to tell them about yourself, your family and your friends. However, please don’t share anything too personal. For the safety of our sponsors and children, One More Child reserves the right to edit letters with inappropriate content. For more information on what you should and should not write about in your letters, please view our Communication Policy.

How often will I hear from my sponsored child?

You will receive an annual report that will provide you with a special personal message from your child, updated information and a current photo. You will also receive quarterly email updates that will keep you informed of the ministries taking place in your child’s community.

Can I communicate directly with my child?

For both your sponsored child’s safety and yours, we do not share personal information including either your or your child’s full name or contact information. We ask that you respect our privacy policy and send all communication through One More Child.

What if don't want to communicate with my sponsored child?

Building a relationship with your sponsored child through letters and prayer is an important part of being a child sponsor. We understand that this is a commitment. If you would prefer to give financial support without building a relationship with a child, we would love to have you join the cause by giving to general sponsorship. As a general child sponsor, you would give a gift and receive updates about the country, but would not receive information, letters or updates from a specific child. This generous donation would be directed toward allowing us to meet the most urgent needs of all of our children. For more information about becoming a general child sponsor please email our sponsorship coordinator or call our office at 863-577-4488.

Can my sponsored child come to the U.S. to visit me?

To protect the safety and well-being of our sponsored children, they are unable to come to the United States for sponsorship visits.

Can I send a gift to my sponsored child?

Due to the number of children we serve, we are unable to accept additional individual gifts specifically for your sponsored child. However, it would be a blessing for you to donate clothing and other items to the country in which your child lives. Please know that we cannot guarantee this will be used specifically for your child, but we will use it to best meet the needs of your sponsored child’s community.

At the end of each year, you will receive an email that will allow you to make a financial gift specifically to help your sponsored child and his or her family celebrate Christmas. Your gift will be utilized to help us make the Christmas season special for your sponsored child and their family by providing a Christmas gift and/or party. This is a fun way to give your child an extra special reminder of how much they are loved!

Can I send money directly to my sponsored child and/or their family?

To maintain the integrity of One More Child's ministry, and to ensure that your child receives the greatest benefit from your sponsorship, money cannot be sent directly to a child or their family. All transactions must occur through One More Child.

Can I send my sponsored child a birthday gift?

We ask that instead of sending a birthday gift, you write your child a letter or send a card to let him or her know you are thinking of them. Your sponsored child will love to hear from you on his or her special day! If you would like to give in honor of your sponsored child’s birthday, you may make a special gift to our ministry in your child’s country and know that it will be used toward our programs within his or her community.

Can a group or church sponsor a child?

Absolutely! Many church groups or groups of friends collect money each month and work together to make a difference in the life of a child.

How can I pay for my sponsorship?

You can choose to pay for your sponsorship one of three ways:

  1. Online with your credit or debit card. To set up an automatic monthly payment online with your credit or debit card, please complete the sponsorship process on our website.
  2. Via automatic monthly bank withdrawal. Please choose the child you would like to sponsor and call or email our sponsorship coordinator to set up an automatic bank withdrawal. You will need to fill out an Electronic Fund Transfer form and send us a voided check.
  3. Monthly or annual payment via check. You are also welcome to mail us your payment via check on a monthly or annual basis. Please call or email our sponsorship coordinator prior to mailing your first check to confirm your sponsorship.

How do I renew my sponsorship payment?

If you pay by monthly debit or credit charge, you will need to login to your sponsorship account whenever there is a change in your payment or billing information. If you have any trouble, please let us know by calling the office at 863-577-4488, or sending an email to our sponsorship coordinator. 

If you pay by monthly bank withdrawal and need to update your account information, please fill out a new electronic fund transfer form and mail or email it to us, along with a copy of a voided check. Please contact our sponsorship coordinator by phone or email so we can best process your request.

If you pay by check please send in your new payment and be sure to write your child’s name in the memo line.